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1. The website is a virtual information resource on the Internet, set up in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, designed to enable its users to perform searching, calculation and comparison of prices and terms offered by the registered on the website Carriers - suppliers of courier services according to criteria specified in advance by the Users of the website.
2. declares that the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation have been fulfilled, including but not limited to a registration carried out according to the Bulgarian Protection of Personal Data Act.
3. The services offered by are dynamic and are constantly added to and perfected, according to the discretion of the website's team, abiding by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


4. Information under the Bulgarian Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

  • Name of the Provider: "DELTAPROM" Ltd.;
  • Headquarters and address of management: Sofia
  • Correspondence information: Sofia 1618, 48 Buket Str. - office CouriersFinder, email address:;
  • Contact telephone number: +359 2 8502072;
  • Entry in public registers: UIC 202765531;
  • Number   of   certificate   for   administrator   of   personal data: No. 390659 from 28.10.2013.

5. takes measures to protect the personal information of the Users under the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act.
6. For reasons of security of the personal information of the Users, will collect only information for the Users wishing to use the services provided by the website.
7. By pressing the "SEND" button on the last step of the comparative search form on, the User receives a system message confirming that the criteria set by them are accepted by the selected Carrier - provider of courier services and are being processed.
8. The User information collected by is as follows: first name and surname of the sender, their address /physical and electronic/, data on the destination /country, city, zip code/ contact telephone number.
9. accepts and announces on its website The General Terms and security rules for the administration of personal information.

10. The Users are entitled to use the services provided by, provided that these Terms of Use, the General Terms of use of the website and the security rules for the administration of personal information, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and also in accordance with European Union law are adhered to.
11. The User has the right to freely and unrestrictedly, at any time, change the information they have provided for every future search, with the exception of data on an already carried out search, finalized by the "SEND" button, while observing the rules set out in the Terms of Use and the General Terms of
12. The User receives a systematic message to their e-mail address, notifying them that the information from the comparative search form are accepted by elected by the Carrier - provider of courier services which was chosen by the User and they are being processed.
13. Within two hours of receiving the system message under the preceding paragraph the User will be contacted by the selected Carrier, in order to specify further the parameters of the deal concluded between them.
13.1. Contacting the User as per p. 13 of these Terms of Use shall be made within the working hours of the Carrier providing the courier service in view of the time for filing the order for a courier service by the User.
14. The User is obliged to provide the necessary equipment /software and hardware/ for an unimpeded use of the services provided by
15. is not and can not be held liable for prevented User access to the services provided by the website which are due to technical incompatibilities, including hardware or software incompatibility, incompatibility of the user equipment, with the necessary requirements for use of the services provided by
16. The User is obliged to observe the legal provisions of the countries in which the dispatch and delivery of shipments is carried out the, and agrees that they will not send materials, goods or any other items be explicitly prohibited by law.
16.1. The User is responsible before or before the Carrier carrying out the courier service about the type and the content of the shipments, as well as if there is a possible violation of law, before the sending or the receiving country and/or these Terms of Use.
16.2. or the Carrier who provided the courier service are not responsible for the content of the shipments posted by Users.
17. The User can use the information published on for personal use, but any reproduction and dissemination in any way for commercial purposes without the permission of the author is forbidden.
18. The User is responsible for the content of the information they publish about themselves or they provide on their own behalf to the other members of the website as well as to the courier selected in the online form.
19. The User is obliged not to hinder in any way the services provided by the website or the server, or the network connected to the server or the site.
20. The User agrees not to publish materials on the website, which:

  • somehow undermine intellectual property rights.
  • are owned or are a trademark of other entities without their explicit written permission.
  • have obscene content, which is prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • contain threats to the life and health of staff members of the website or any third party.
  • are promotional if the consent of the website’s team is not obtained prior to that.
  • are contrary in any way to these Terms of Use and General Terms of or of the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • represent electronic statements which are presented in digital form, the information in which however is not presented by a common standard for transformation, reading and visual presentation.

21. In relation with the use of the services provided by, the User is obliged:

  • to comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use and General Terms of the website, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the provisions of European Union law by direct application.
  • to monitor for violations by other Users of these Terms of Use and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and in case any such violations are noted, they shall promptly notify the website’s team.
  • not to undermine in any way the rights of, as well as of any third parties in connection with the use of the website.

22. By using IP addresses, cookies and other technical data with the aim to improve the quality of the website, the team of monitors which sections of the website are visited and how long these visits last.
22.1. This monitoring is carried out by registering the IP addresses of the Users' computers, and also through the use of cookies.
22.2. The registration of the IP address is part of the system administration and does not imply a direct identification of the visitor. The monitoring system of the website also monitors other system parameters such as the operating system, the browser type, screen resolution, etc. which do not constitute personal information and can be used to authenticate Users and for statistical purposes.
22.3. The phrases entered by the Users in the search form are also monitored by the team of, but in a summary form which prevents them to be associated with specific Users.
23. The cookies are small text files which the web server records in your computer in order to record the traffic that your computer generates on the website. Cookies are used by the system for comparative search and online calculation on the website.
23.1. Each time the platform is used for a comparative search on, the information for that search is stored on the computer of the User who performed the search.
23.2. Cookies are updated every time the User visits the website. They can not be used for identification - they just recognize that in the past the website has already been visited.
23.3. Within the service that provides it is possible for the courier companies registered on the website to also use cookies.
23.4. It is possible to set your browser not to accept "cookies". You can reject our "cookies" too, but in this case there is a risk that certain features in some sections of the website will not be active.

These General Terms are valid from 01.07.2014, with the team of reserving the right to change these terms at any time.

In the case of any change in the Terms of Use, there would be a published notification on the front page of the website informing of the change.


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