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In a time when the e-commerce has been increasing constantly in almost every commercial area the supplies are often insufficiently automated, it takes too much time to be delivered and at the same time they appear to be a strong disincentive to your business development.

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend completing the consignment orders or bringing them to the office of a courier company? Do you know how many customers you lose when imposing them to a delivery carried out by an unwanted courier company or at an unwanted price and delivery time?

Why don’t you let your clients to choose by themselves by which courier company to have their consignments delivered, which of the existing offers suits them in the best possible way and to fill in the needed information personally?

For your and your clients' convenience CouriersFinder created a convenient module for integration into electronic stores which works with the most popular platforms for e-commerce. Its integration takes only a few minutes and through it you are going to stop filling waybills, you save time walking to courier companies and stop losing customers!

Did we mentioned that the integration of our online module is tax-free but through it you are going to be joined to our affiliate program and you are going to start earning money through each order sent to us?

Don’t lose any more time or clients and contact us for more detailed information here.

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