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What is CouriersFinder?

CouriersFinder is a web platform for comparison and ordering of courier services. It enables users to quickly and easily compare prices from various courier companies and make their order to the one they choose.

Do I pay anything to use CouriersFinder?

No! The service operated by CouriersFinder is completely free for users and ordering through the platform does not make courier services more expensive in any way!

Does CouriersFinder deliver items?

No, CouriersFinder provides only information services and an easy connection between its users and courier companies.

To what destinations can I send items?

Courier companies represented in the platform CouriersFinder ensure delivery of consignments across Bulgaria and in many countries around the world.

What happens after I make an order?

After ordering through CouriersFinder, the platform automatically sends your order to your chosen courier. The courier company will contact you and confirm receipt of your order.

Are there any restrictions on the items that I can send by an order through CouriersFinder?

The only restrictions on shipments ordered through the CouriersFinder platform are those prohibited in domestic and international legislation (learn more information here), and some additional specific conditions of individual courier companies (check the General rules of your chosen courier company).


Which items and substances are prohibited to place in domestic and international shipments?

The items and substances usually (but not limited to!) prohibited in domestic and international legislation are:

  • Drugs, narcotics, psychotropic and toxic substances;
  • Weapons, ammunition, pyrotechnics, explosives, flammable or other dangerous substances and items;
  • Immoral items;
  • Items and substances which, by their nature or packaging pose a danger to the life or the health of postal employees or other persons or may soil or damage other items and equipment;
  • Religious materials of sects and organizations which are banned or are not registered in the country;
  • Movable monuments for which there is no authorization or certificate.
  • In the postal mail, with the exception of shipments with a declared value, it is not allowed to place coins, banknotes, currency, traveler's checks, items of value to the sender, platinum, gold, silver, cut or uncut precious stones and other valuable items.
  • In international shipments, including those with a declared value, apart from the substances and items, there are other substances and items listed in international treaties which cannot be placed, as well as items which are forbidden to be imported or distributed within in the country of destination. For the prohibitions in certain countries look here.
Can I ask the couriers for additional services to those specified in the order through CouriersFinder?

When presenting the actual shipment, you can request additional services from the selected courier company, provided it also offers such for an extra payment, beyond the amount of the order through CouriersFinder.

What is Cash On Delivery (COD)?

Cash On Delivery (COD) is a service provided by some courier companies where the shipment is delivered to the addressee against a payment of a certain amount set by the sender.

What is the difference between tariff and volumetric weight?

The basic service is calculated based on the tariff weight of the shipment and the conditions of its delivery. Tariff weight is the actual or the total bulk weight of all parcels in one shipment. Sometimes the cost of the shipment can depend on the space that it occupies, not on its physical weight. Then the so-called Volumetric weight is calculated. It is calculated by the following formula: total width in centimeters x length in centimeters x height in centimeters / 6000 (or 5000 with some companies) kg.

What is a "declared value"?

"Declared value" is an additional service presenting the liability of the courier company up to the extent of the value of the shipment declared by the sender in case of loss, theft or damage. The value is evidenced by proof of purchase.

What is a "return receipt requested "?

The return receipt requested constitutes a notice to the sender for delivery of their shipment to them.

Who do I contact to claim?

For claims related to sent and/or delivered shipments - contact your chosen courier company. For more information, read the Terms and Conditions for use of

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